“Awakenings” – a dialogue between picture and text

In addition to his painting and graphic art, Lavonen is also known as a photographer and writer. In his anthology of poems “Awakenings”, published in 2005, both paintings and graphics are used to illustrate Lavonen’s poems. In Lavonen’s view, the pictures describe his own feelings. Timelessness, depth and a feeling of melancholy have been said to characterise the pictures. Through his poems and pictures, Lavonen reflects on the essence of hope, love, grief and death. While these themes can cause deep pain, hope and trust can emerge from them, a celebration of the beauty of life and every individual. Lavonen was awarded the Suomi-palkinto Finnish art prize in 2004 in recognition of his versatile and significant artistic career. In justifying their choice, the panel commented that “Lavonen’s work speaks to one and captures both a fleeting moment and a sense of eternity. The work is touching and addresses one in its own personal, gentle voice.” Lavonen, who made his artistic debut in 1978, has had work displayed all over the world, including in South America and around Europe in Denmark, Hungary, France, Germany and Spain.

Text by Ulla Suortti

Merja Rantanen: “Kuutti Lavonen musta viiva tuo esiin olennaisen”
Tiina Nyrhinen: “Ripaus vaikeuksia, aavistus ratkaisua”
Hannu Castrén: “Kuutti Lavonen – Mortals, Saints and Angels